Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Essie - Summer 2012 Collection

Good evening ladies!

Although Wednesday isn’t a particular day to be screaming out jumping for joy, it is a day to be enjoying all things girly that surround us. Like for instance, nail polish! J

As we all know, summer is a time of recess for the majority. A time to kick back and relax, take an exotic vacation to a tropical island, hit the beach with family and friends and enjoy the warm, sunny weather. Essie’s Summer 2012 collection makes you want to do just that. Enjoy the notion of “no shoes, no shirt, no problem!”

Cascade Cool –

This lavender-y color contains a pretty combination of purples and pinks causing it to have a close proximity to “Splash of Grenadine”. It’s cool complexion goes perfect with any of your colorful summer bathing suits. No doubt that this pretty baby was a big hit at the beach this summer!

Fear or Desire –

Pretty. Little. Orange. This color reminds me of a perfect, cold frosty popsicle ready to quech anyone’s thirst during the heat-filled season. The thirst for vibrant colors, of course! This ladies,  can also be known as a summer necessity! Definitely need to purchase it.

Off The Shoulder –

This watermelon pink will brighten anyone’s day as soon as they catch a glimpse of your pretty little polished fingers. I personally love colors that have a vibrant hue for summer. It’s such a fun time to go color crazy and mix different shades. This is a summer definite girls!

All Tied Up –

A pretty rust-colored pink filled with a golden shimmer. This is not a shade that I usually tend to go for but calling it an ugly color would not be fair since it is not.

Mojito Madness –

Viva summer! Many of you may think that “oh, this is just another green”, but… you are so WRONG! Yes, granted it’s similar to “Pretty Edgy” also by Essie, but it has a completely different saturation. And as an honor to its name, I have to stay true to my Cuban heritage! Hehe!

Bikini So Teeny –

Love, love, LOVE this powder blue! Bikini So Teeny can seriously be one of my all time favorite blues by far! With its teeny-tiny bit of silver shimmer (all of which is barely visible) it stands out from all the rest. I recommend this color to the highest degree!

Now tell us, what did you think about this collection?

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Monday, September 10, 2012

OPI - The Amazing Spider-Man Collection

Good morning ladies! I hope that you are all having an amazing start to your week and that you’ve had a lovely weekend!

Here we are again with another collection, however… This is not just any collection. This is OPI’s Amazing Spider-Man Collection!! Now, for anyone who finds superheroes, well, just, irresistible, imagine uniting two wonderful, beautiful things into one! It’s pure genius! This by far has been one of my favorite collections of 2012 and I’m so happy to be sharing it right now with all of you readers J

Our very own edition of The Daily Bugle… You like? Hehe!

Call Me Gwen-ever –

This color has me going “goo-goo gaga” over it since I saw it. As a lover of vibrant colors, I usually tend to lean more towards colors of warm chroma, so the question of whether this color was going to make it to my stash or not…. Well, that was a no brainer. Not like typical oranges you see in polishes, this has kind of like a harvest pumpkin color to it. Pretty to wear in the summer but also, during the fall season as well! How fabulous is that?!? I recommend this color to anyone, definitely an investment!

My Boyfriend Scales Walls –

Now this color by any other name is “just another white”. However, when you polish your nails with it, it has a very light, subtle bluish whitish hue to it. This color was one that took me by surprise because I was really not expecting such a pretty color when I actually put it on. I thought it was going to look something similar to “Alpine Snow”. But boy was I wrong! Very, very happy with this color!

Your Web Or Mine –

Now while the name of this color is in and of itself absolutely brilliant… the color they chose for the name… not so much, unfortunately. Being that I am not a lover of the pearled polishes, this color I have to say isn’t one my preferred ones. Now of course, every single color in a collection cannot be to my liking, that’s why there exists a multitude of variations of colors.

Just Spotted The Lizard –

Beauty in the form of polish! This color is absolutely spectacular! I cannot get enough of it! What a pleasant surprise this was when I saw this color. I grabbed it right away. This holographic-foiled polish is just stunning. No doubt that it’s perfect for a night out on the town. I’m sure that no one can resist this beautiful color!

Number One Nemesis –

This color by any other definition can be considered a shimmer polish but, when you put it on, you fall in love with it and want to give it so much more description than just plain ole “shimmer”. Utterly and completely breathtaking. Paints pretty evenly but then again when it comes to matters of sparkle, when are two coats ever enough? Hehe.

Into The Night –

A gorgeous blue color that can easily compare to the very famous “Russian Navy” but with a more blue tone? Come on! Into The Night or Into The Day, this color is perfect at all times of the day, week, month, and year! Ladies, you must get this color! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… ‘Nuff said J

Now tell us, what did you think about this collection?

Thank you all for reading!

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