Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Essie Spring 2013 Collection

Hello beautiful girls! So, I know that for all of you that are my friends on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter, already know all about Essie’s new spring collection. So just because we LOVE nail polish, we’re going to give it a mini review on here too! Hope you enjoy!

Madison Ave-hue
First up, the color for which the entire collection was named after and associated with, Madison Ave-hue. This pretty little missy is anything but ordinary. Its adorable fuchsia color has but the tiniest bit of sparkles which gives it a somewhat pixie dust effect. Adorable!

This sizzling tomato red is just the perfect color to transition from spring to summer! It’s fun. It’s flirty. It’s hot. It’s everything you would want out of a nail polish color of that hue. It covers completely, so with two or even one coat, is enough.

Avenue Maintain
Ahhh!! I love this blue! It’s so different than any other blue out there. You might look twice and think there is a similarity to Coat Azure but in reality, Coat Azure has shimmer to it and Avenue Maintain does not. It’s opaque, so you don’t have to worry about it being translucent or streaks. Such a pretty, refreshing blue for one of the year’s prettiest seasons. I will definitely be keeping one of these in my collection!

Go Ginza
Well here is another light purple that Essie brings out. To be honest, I am a fan of purple. I think it’s a lovely color. However, maybe from someone who has less of a nail polish obsession than I, you could go ahead and skip out on this color. But, for me, I love it. It has a similarity to Essie-Lilacism but with less blue I think. Regardless, it’s a pastel and with the upcoming season, it will be used no matter what. So adorable!

Bond With Whomever
Yay, I was so excited when I saw this purple color because it’s much softer than Essie-Play Date and a bit of a stronger hue than Go Ginza. This lavender reminds me of flower petals, and has spring written all over it. It just makes me happy to look at. I’m strongly considering painting my nails next with this color as my normal manicure color. Give it a try!

Maximillian Strasse Her
This is one of my favorite colors of the collection. I think it’s cool grey-blue color is one that serves as a variable from the pastels of the season’s fashions and allows your nails to stand out a bit. No blending in with this one! If you’re looking into giving it a try, I strongly suggest it. It paints on evenly and you can even do one coat if you’d like. It’s great! I hope you like it as much as I do!

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post!

The Polish Boutique

OPI... Eurso Euro

Hi girls! Happy Tuesday! It’s a beautiful [summery] day here in Miami. Not a cloud in the sky and there’s a warm breeze flying through our palm trees. I’m a happy girl today!

I know that I’ve been meaning to swatch the new OPI Euro Centrale collection colors but being that they are “just” 12 colors, I haven’t had a chance to do all of them. I could just swatch them and have them look sloppy, BUT that’s just not how I do things. So, it’s in a “coming soon” mode. Good news is, I am swatching one color of the collection today. OPI…Eurso Euro is such a pretty color you guys. I literally fell in love with it right when I saw it. So, I guess love at first sight still exists, right? I used two coats of this beauty, and I was set. Beautiful and elegant but with daring side too. This color is just pure brilliance!

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post. Talk soon!

The Polish Boutique

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

OPI - The Thrill of Brazil

Hello darlings and happy Wednesday! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far.

So, it’s that time of year when music is played everywhere on the streets of Brazil and dancing resolves all problems. Hearts sing a lively samba tune and the magic of parades; costumes and performers are a spectacle for everyone in Brazil and around the world. So in honor of that, I decided to have my very own Carnaval on my nails with OPI The Thrill of Brazil! This beautiful red color is just simply GORGEOUS! One of my favorite red nail polishes by a landslide. This rich crème color goes perfect with any skin tone and is extremely flattering no matter what length your nails have. This color is as timeless as it is bold and spirited. So go on, give it a try and tell me what you think in the comments below! Thank you all for reading! 

The Polish Boutique 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Essie - Lovie Dovie

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’m so excited today because it’s one of my very favorite holidays. I love it because I have so many people around me that I adore and I couldn’t live without. It’s just an extra special day. And no, I do not have a significant other. Totally single. But I do have a beautiful family and friends that I would do anything for. So if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, take a moment to realize who you have around you that love you. It’s a day for love and as far as I’m concerned, love comes in different ways, shapes and sizes. Open your eyes and hearts!

So…. Since my heart is all a flutter today, I used Essie Lovie Dovie! This color is one of my favorites and I do use it year round but especially on a day like today. This Barbie pink is absolutely adorable and perfect for all skin tones. I used two coats and that was all I needed. So, go on and give it a try! Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

The Polish Boutique

Friday, February 8, 2013

China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint

Happy Friday ya’ll! This week took forever to finish, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just me because of the long hours I’ve been working and my lack of good sleep. Haha! But anywho, I’m happy it’s Friday and the weekend is here baby! Yay!

So a little “mint” happiness for the second week of February for you, I decided to go with China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint. Honestly, this color just made me happy when I saw it. It was fun and girly and in with the season, so I gave it a whirl. I know that I don’t usually swatch and review China Glaze polishes but they’re actually one of my favorites. All of the colors that I’ve used have left me pleasantly surprised time and time again. You know how sometimes you try on a color because it looks spectacular in the bottle but when you try it on yourself, hmm… not so much. Well, this hasn’t happened to me once with China Glaze. I love their polishes and every time my collection grows larger. Re-Fresh Mint is one of their cutest colors and I’m happy it was everything I hoped it was. Two coats and you're all set. Give it a try and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading and talk soon!

The Polish Boutique

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

OPI - Euro Centrale Collection

Hi girls and Happy Wednesday! I’m pleased and so excited to announce that we have received OPI’s Euro Centrale Collection!!! It is now available for purchase!!

Later on in the week I will write in depth about the colors but I wanted to go ahead and post their picture so you to take a look at them now.
Top row; Left to right:
Polka.com, OPI...Eurso Euro, Suzi's Hungary Again, You're Such A BudaPest, Can't Find My Czechbook,My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours!

Bottom row; Left to right:
Hands Off My Kielbasa!, OY-Another Polish Joke! A Woman's Prague-ative, Vant To Bite My Neck?, I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw, My Vampire is Buff.

Thank you all for reading and I will be posting swatches of the colors later on in the week!

The Polish Boutique 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Essie - Baby's Breath

Hello ladies! Hope you’ve all had an awesome Super Bowl weekend and have an even better week ahead.

I went a little classic this week in my selection for my nail polish color. I chose Essie Baby’s Breath. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Umm, could you have chosen an older color?” Haha! But, in my defense, I had never tried this color on myself! I saw it in our collection and I fell in love with it. At first I thought that this color was going to be another “Marshmallow” but, I was strongly mistaken. Although it does have a light creamy blend to it, it has just a bit of translucence. With two coats, (like how I used) it covers the nail beautifully. It’s a lovely color to use for a french manicure as well as just by itself. 
Thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed this post!

The Polish Boutique