Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Essie - 2013 Resort Collection

Good afternoon all! I apologize for disappearing for a few but I’m back and full of great, new ideas! As we enter the seasons of bold, vibrant, colorful colors, our nail polish shades also begin to transform. With this being said, Essie’s 2013 Resort Collection hits the nail on the head once again. One of my favorite Essie collections by far, all different colors but all perfect for anyone, for any occasion, and… any outfit.

In The Cab-ana
First up comes the most beautiful blue you’ve ever seen and for which the collection was named after, In The Cab-ana. This is such a happy blue which just inspires you to hit the beach or the pool and rock it with your favorite bikini! How fun is that? As beautiful as the sky and the ocean, this color is a complete success! I used two coats and it covered and applied easily. Pure perfection!

Under Where?
This cute island-y lilac is a beauty. Although the selection of purple colors out there is vast, this is a great shade to have in your collection. Not to mention the name is simply cute. Simple and girly but fun at the same time. Two coats applied and loved it!

Come Here!
As demanding as the name sounds, Come Here! is a color which nobody would mind having on their nails and tootsies! This vibrant tomato red is just so fun and summery and makes me want to order a tropical drink and sip up somewhere in paradise. Although the pictures don’t do it justice it all, this shade isn’t like any other. Similar to others yes, but identical no. I think everyone should give this color a try just because it suits all skin tones and it’s a perfect color for the current and upcoming season.

First Timer
Talk about a FUN green ladies! In my personal opinion, I’m not a very big fan of green. However, I had to hold my tongue when I saw this little lucky charm. Charming indeed, and ever so slightly feminine and festive. This spring green rises perfectly to the occasion and is an eye catcher of any passerby. You want fun and different? Give this treasure a try. You won’t regret it!

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