Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sparkles for Summer

Hi you all! How've you girls been? Everything going really well on my end. Just gone through some changes recently which haven't really let me write much on here but I am commited again. I set up my schedule and I cant wait!

So as you all can tell, I decided to take a small break from all of the vivid colors of the summer polishes & go with something a little more neutral, but glam! I absolutely love this color from OPI called Silent Stars Go By. Not only is it beautiful but BONUS, it's a liquid sand! So gorgeous, sparkly, classic,, elegant & fun?!? Come on! How often do you come across a color like this? If you don't have it, I strongly urge you to purchase it. You will NOT regret it! Paints on quite lovely and evenly. It's perfect for any summer occassion. I especially love pairing it with bright, vivid colored clothing. Balances perfectly.

I hope you've all enjoyed this post & are happy that I'm back. Until next time!

Stay Lovely!